My privilege statement

Glafira “Glasha” Marcon
1 min readOct 24, 2017

I am White. I am able-bodied without mental illness. I have an undergraduate college degree. I finished paying off my student loans. Although I grew up as low income, I am fully employed and am in a high income bracket for my age. I am a cis-gendered woman and heterosexual. I am a first generation US citizen. I was born and live in the continental US. I speak English fluently and without an accent. I don’t consider myself religious, but my ethnicity and culture is influenced most by (and comes with an assumption of) Christianity.

I fully recognize that by writing anything, I am centering myself and my experiences. I value magnifying the voices of people who are societally less privileged than I am, and do so by posting and sharing pieces directly by the writers themselves. So, as I write, I do not aim to speak for anyone except myself, and my writing is laced with assumptions based on my personal experiences.

I am still trying to figure out how my past identity reconciles with my present.

Do you want to create a privilege disclaimer? I used this template and added some of my own thoughts.